The Benefits of a
HR Helpline

A dedicated paid HR Advice helpline can offer several significant benefits to a UK SME business that does not have an in-house HR department. Here are some of the key advantages:

Expert Guidance:

Access to a dedicated HR helpline provides SMEs with immediate access to experienced HR professionals who can offer expert guidance on a wide range of HR-related issues. This includes advice on employment law, employee relations, HR best practices, and compliance with UK regulations.


Outsourcing HR advice through a helpline is often more cost-effective than hiring a full-time HR professional or retaining an HR consultancy on a long-term basis. SMEs can pay for HR advice only when needed, reducing overall HR-related costs.

Compliance Assurance:

HR helplines can help SMEs stay compliant with complex UK employment laws and regulations. They can provide guidance on issues like employee contracts, termination procedures, minimum wage requirements, and workplace health and safety regulations.

Risk Mitigation:

By accessing HR expertise, SMEs can reduce the risk of legal disputes and costly HR-related errors. This can help protect the business from potential fines, legal actions, or reputation damage.

Time Savings:

Managing HR issues can be time-consuming for SME owners and managers. Having access to an HR helpline frees up their time to focus on core business activities, improving overall productivity.

Employee Relations:

HR helplines can offer guidance on managing employee relations effectively, including handling conflicts, disciplinary actions, and performance management. This can contribute to a more harmonious workplace.

Recruitment Support:

SMEs can receive assistance with recruitment and hiring processes, including advice on creating job descriptions, conducting interviews, and onboarding new employees.


HR helplines are often available during extended hours or weekends, providing flexibility for SMEs to seek advice when it’s most convenient for them.


HR helplines are typically bound by confidentiality agreements, ensuring that sensitive HR matters are kept private and secure.


As SMEs grow, their HR needs may change. HR helplines can adapt to evolving requirements, providing support as the business expands.

Access to Resources:

Some HR helplines offer additional resources such as template HR documents, policies, and procedures that SMEs can use to streamline their HR processes.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing that expert HR advice is just a phone call away can provide peace of mind for SME owners and managers, allowing them to address HR challenges confidently.

In summary, a dedicated paid HR Advice helpline can provide UK SME businesses without an HR department with access to valuable expertise, compliance assurance, cost savings, and peace of mind. It can help SMEs navigate the complexities of HR management and focus on their core business operations while mitigating HR-related risks.

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