In the world of Human Resources (HR), we often hear about “best practices” as the go-to solutions for managing employees and fostering a great workplace. But here’s the twist – these supposed HR best practiced might not always be the perfect fit for every company.

Hear me out – let’s talk about context. Best practices are like those one-size-fits-all T-shirts – comfy for some but not for all. Every company has its own vibe, goals, and employee mix, making it tricky for a universal solution to fit seamlessly.

Then there’s the adaptability factor. Some industries are like rollercoasters, with changes happening faster than you can say “employee engagement.” Clinging too tightly to best practices might mean missing out on the excitement of innovation and flexibility.

Lastly, customization is the name of the game. While best practices are like recipe books, sometimes to get the best dish, you’ve got to mix in your company’s unique flavour – its culture, goals, and employees.

In the HR world, it’s like a dance – knowing when to follow the steps and when to break into your own. So, while best practices can be a handy guide, remember, it’s not about being textbook perfect; it’s about making sure your HR strategy / policies and procedures are a perfect fit for your unique company, yet remaining legal and compliant.

It’s like when we say in life do what makes you happy, what works for you. Focus on what’s right and works for your own company.

If you are an employer that is trying to navigate what you NEED VS the nice to have and would like some support – reach out!

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